Today… I am “The Nail Critic” – Official Biz on My Bday.

I have such big news, and it just couldn’t wait until tomorrow…

It is half past midnight and officially my birthday. 29 baby!
Which makes it the perfect day for big announcements. It is such an incredibly huge day for me. I love so much that I get to share it with you!
A vision I have been creating (down to every detail) is now complete, clear and beautifully focused.

So many of you have been asking me: Where do I find a good.. like REALLY good nail salon? How do I find it? How can I tell if it’s good or bad? What is in style?

So I have proudly taken on the roll and the responsibility for you of becoming a critic in the nail world.

As of today, February 28th 2011, I am “The Nail Critic.”

I will be personally Interviewing and reviewing nail salons in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, and filming every experience I have for you to watch.

My purpose is to Empower you, with a Professional Nail Stylists knowledge, to know The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Nail Services & Styles!

Follow on Facebook and Twitter to be updated on ALL of the Vlog Reviews and Content as it is posted!


Lots of Love,

Jenny A Hansen
“The Nail Critic”



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