Manicure-ing 101 + Pro Polishing Tips

In this video I will show you how I (personally & professionally) do a manicure.

Quick Step Tips:

1.  Sanitze. Even if it’s your own hand.

2.  File. side-to-center with a gentle 240 grit file.

3.  Soak in a warm water bath.

4.  Remove cuticle with a cuticle remover.  Don’t scrape or press  hard on the nail plate.

5.  Buff gently towards the free edge with cuticle oil.

6.  Clean nail with a mani brush and a spray bottle.  Water deactivates the cuticle remover.

7.  Scrub with scrub fresh.  Remove all the oil.

8.  Proper preparation is the key!

Now I give away ALL of my Pro Polishing Tricks.  Prepare for happiness!

Quick Step Tips:

1.  Prep the nail with Scrub Fresh or Polish Remover.  Oil on the nail plate=Chipped Mani’s

2.  Stabilize your pinky finger.

3.  Apply base coat.  * Place polish brush 1/8 in away from cuticle and push back, pull forward, drag side-to-side, cap.*

4.  Apply color coat.

5.  Apply color coat again.  Yes, always do 2 coats.

6.  Apply top coat.

7.  Scape around with a Orangewood Stick.

8.  No Q-tips and remover.

9.  Use the top coat for touch-ups.

10.  Spray with Quick Dry Spray or use Drying Drops.

11.  Dry fully with a desk lamp or a gentle, cool fan.

I hope you love it.  Play and enjoy!

One Comment on “Manicure-ing 101 + Pro Polishing Tips”

  1. Jordan says:

    Great video! Good job, Jenny!!

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