About Jenny

I have gone Pro in the Nail Industry, taking on as much knowledge, education and skill as I possibly can.  I am a master of study, which is why I am a master of my passion as a Nail Stylist.

I am one of the Top Nail Stylists for Montage Hotels at their new Deer Valley location.  There I have worked on incredible people.  Celebrities, Award Winning Fashion Designers, Cream of the Crop Business CEO’s and Head Honcho Produces for the most well know Networks out there.

I have collaborated with, and questioned, some of the top beauty brand celebrities, and am continuously connected with the most important of pep’s in the Nail Styling world.

When it comes to styling those fingers and toeziez, I don’t like to brag about how good I am. But for the purpose of this bio, I’ll admit it.  I am the boamb baby!

When I’m not working it at 5 star luxury resorts and networking with the big cats, I spend my time practicing, learning and testing out the latest nail fashion trends in my private boutique.

What started out as a nail table in my living room to accommodate friends and family, has now turned into the fancy-swanky-cute Apply’ed Beautiful Nail Boutique (which was formally known as my home office.)  This has been a big hit with my growing clientele.  They will tell you all about it on “What was your experience?”

The rest of my time is spent creating information for you, writing articles on things you want to know, and crash interviewing Nail Salons in my local area.  This is how I was come to be known as “The Nail Critic.” Filming and Writing Reviews is entertaining and absolute fun!

My LOVE for nails came from my beyond amazing Grandmother and Aunt, who have been teaching me the trade since I was old enough to open up a nail polish bottle.  This little piece of my life got me published in the #1 leading magazine for nail professionals, “Nails Magazine.”

Occasionally you’ll see me pop up on Nail Talk Radio, Nail Pro, Nails Magazine or Fingernail Fixer and you can always track me down for a chat on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to nail styling, I am also a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur and Teacher.  I support women, and am their biggest cheerleader in becoming Powerful, Brave and Beautiful. This has been my muse for creating “The Manipulation Manicure” and “Intuitive Wellness” programs.  Both are set to launch in Spring 2011!