Repeat: “Just for today I am Patient with my self, my family and others in the world around me.

Just for today I am Forgiving. I easily let go of criticizing what others do or do not do.

I feel relief and gratitude now that I am Patient and Forgiving.”

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Today.. Is Authentically You ! Repeat: “Just for today, I live, create and decide from my heart, my intuition and what I truly feel and desire.

I trust my spirit. I trust my heart, and I trust my instincts to guide me and direct my life.”

Today, I challenge you to ask “Is this what I really want?” Before making any decision… the coffee you order, the shirt you wear, the activities you chose, and the creations you create.

Evaluate it all.. Just for today.

With Love,

Applyed Beautiful
– Jenny Hansen –


Today.. Is acceptance . Repeat aloud: ” Today I accept others, myself and the world the around me to be what they may.

I accept that I can not control what is not in my control.

I feel such freedom in allowing the natural order of things to unfold, and allowing others in my life to be themselves.”

With Lots of Love,

Apply’ed Beautiful
– Jenny Hansen –


If You Buy It, You Will Eat It.

Good Morning!

Now, you must know, that the world of “healthy eating” is completely new to me. It scares me. I don’t understand it, and I could live on coffee and cookies.

My resent craving to feel healthy has lead me to discover what “healthy eating” is all about.

I am still quite uneducated in the manner, but I have found one HUGE secret when it comes to actually preparing and ingesting food that is good for me….. If I buy only healthy food, then I eat only healthy food.. What a concept!

So here is what I suggest for all of your beautiful bodies out there: Eat and devour you favorite indulgence meal…. Then BE BRAVE!

Throw away everything, and I mean everything in your home, car, desk, nightstand, where ever you stash the crapy food and treats. Clear it all out. Throw it out. Then step back and soak up how incredibly bold and brave you are!

Hit up the grocery store with your clean kitchen in mind, and your full tummy not on your mind, and buy healthy good-for-you groceries. Resist your need to panic and justify “one little treat.” If you want to be healthy, then BE healthy! Just be it, do it and love it!

Now that your home is stocked up with only the good-for-you foods and snacks, it will be easy to eat well and feel well.

By the time your need to taste something delicious comes around again, you will only have good things to reach for. Grab your healthy snack, or get creative preparing lunch.

Take that first bite of good food in your clean, healthy home. Doesn’t it feel amazing to now be a “healthy eater?” You are. Your body is Beautiful and you love it!!…. Say ” I LOVE eating healthy every day. I feel proud in the choices I make!”