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Red is the go to power color representin

Red is the go to power color representing sensual confidence & bravery! @cndworld “Wild Fire” Shellac – http://ow.ly/i/brNQ

2011 Spring/Summer Fashion Nail Trends… Get Excited!

The time has come, friends. I have the fashion nail trend report for 2011 Spring/Summer…


The 70’s take center stage again this season in fashion.  I’m talking Bellbottoms, White Blouses, Flip Floppy Sun Hats, Maxi (long, floor length) Dresses, Wedge Sandals, High Waisted Pants, Stripes and Hot Pants Yes, I just said Hot Pants are back.












“So, Jenny.  What does this mean for my Nail?”  you ask.  Lets break it down.

Bright’s will be bright this season with bold Primary and Secondary colors.  So fun!


Deep. Dark. Rich. These colors are the perfect look when your feeling confidently dark.


Dark’s are absolutely an option in the warmer months.  Go with Deep, Rich colors like Burgundy Reds, Dark Beige’s and straight up Black.





Find that polish that matches your skin tone perfectly for the hot new trend "The Mannequin" look.




Neutrals are all about the Flesh Tones.  Pick a Peach color or one that matches your skin tone perfectly giving your nails the “Mannequin” look.



Would you walk into any old “Get Your $5.00 Cheap Hair Cut Here!!” place, sit down, and ask the just out of beauty school, still terrified of scissors Stylist to cut, color and highlight your hair?… Gawd No!! And if you do, then we have bigger problems that probably won’t be discussed here… Sorry, but I’m just say’in…

I am here to tell you that I love you, BUT it is just as bad to do that ^ very same thing with your Nails.
Before you feel horrible, just know that we all do it, we’ve all done it, and well.. Even I, yes, have done it (back in the day before I knew better.)

Now that I am wise to everything Nails, I am here to teach you what I now know as a professional in the nail industry.

First things first!  No more “settling” when it comes to your weekly Mani/Pedi services and experiences.  It is so so so important that you go to places that are healthy, safe, and.. I’m just going to say it.. in style. That’s right. Just because the color choice is on the wall, it does not mean you are picking a great style choice.

Stick around. I am working my little heart out to get this blog content up and to provide you with all that you need to know the latest, greatest nail fashions, trends and how to spot a nail shop you should be running away from.

Before receiving ANY Nail Service, you must be comfortable with your Nail Stylist, the Salon and the Experience.  Here are some absolute must ask questions for yourself and your Nail Salon Professional:

1. How do you disinfect your tools? Does the place look Clean?

Does it?  Look around for the sanitation practices.  Before each service the Nail Tech and the Client need to wash their hands, or use a hand sanitizer. Towels on the table should be replaced and the table surface needs to be wiped down with some kind of disinfectant. Disposable tools are disposed of, and non-disposable tools are PROPERALY disinfected AND sanitized.

Tip: Sit down and watch the Nail Stylists work on a client before your appointment.  Watch their sanitation routine.  Don’t be afraid to ask them to explain the process to you.  Which needs to be this:  Wash+Disinfect+Sanitize.. all 3 steps.  Just a wash is not good enough.

2. How much does it cost & what do you get for your money?

Most places have a detailed description of what is included in their Service Menu.  Other places charge a-la-carte.  Know exactly what you are getting for that hard cash of yours and what your not.  There is nothing wrong with adding on to your service.  But the place is shady if your feel tricked into “additional” services.

Tip: Some places charge extra for Polish, Top Coat, Quick Dry Drops & French.  Make sure to ask.  Avoid too “cheap” of places.  You get what you pay for.

3. Is there a Consultation Before Your Service?

How are you supposed to get what you want if your needs are not being addressed?  Nail Enhancements (fake nails) are not always the solution. And if they are, do your nails need Acrylic or Gel?  Overlay or Make-Over?  Tips or Sculptured?  What do you want your nails to look like?  A professional will evaluate the best way to achieve the result a client is looking for. Shape, Length, Where the smile line is (and isn’t), Lifestyle, Job, Activity level, Medical info (pregnancy, diabetes), should ALL be evaluated during a Consultation with you.

Tip: If you are paying for it, your needs NEED to be getting met. Ask about your Home Care Maintenance.

4. Do you use MMA in your Acrylic Products?

MMA is the bad stuff that WAS used in products for Acrylic nails.  It is now prohibited by the FDA for use in Nail Enhancement products and had been since the 70’s!  But..  Some places (he..hum.. the cheap places) still use this in their Acrylics. I will be doing an entire post just on MMA alone.

Tip:Is the order overpowering? If so, it usually means inadequate ventilation & use of MMA.  Other signs of MMA use are “roughing up” the natural nail before Acrylic application & Un-Marked Acrylic Product Bottles.

5. Do You Use A Drill?

Drills are used in the industry and are perfectly safe if used correctly.. by a professional.. that knows how to use it.  We use them to contour a Nail Enhancement (fake nail) after product application.  They should NEVER be used on the Natural Nail unless it is used with a “Buffer” not a “Grit” attachment.  Nail Stylists have the job of PROTECTING your Natural Nail in every way we possible can.  A true Professional will never hurt or damage your Natural Nail.

Tip: When a drill is being used, do you feel Pain or Burning?  Don’t grin and bear it, run!

6. Is The Salon Licensed?  Are the Nail Stylists Licensed?

Make sure you see the Credentials on the wall.  Know your Nail Stylists name & look for his/her license.

Tip: Do you see one or two License’s hanging up, but like seven nail techs are working? … Um, yeah.  Watch for that too.

7. What Nail Products Does The Salon Use?

Your Professional should be able to answer this question easily, as well as explain to you what the products do and why he/she uses them.

Tip: Do you recognize the products that are being used (OPI, essie, Zoya, Spa Ritual, CND)? Once again, are the products labeled?  If you can’t see the label, then you have no idea what is being used on you.

8. Is There Good Communication?

Good Communication is ESSENTIAL! If you aren’t happy with your nails, or experience a problem, you need to be able to speak with your Nail Stylist or the Owner to explain what the problem is and have the diagnosis, solution & care be explained clearly to you.

Tip: If you are unable to clearly communicate with your Nail Stylist, then what are you doing there? You, & your hard earned money, deserve to receive EXACTLY the service and result that YOU want for your individual style.

9. What Is The Hottest Nail Trend Right Now?

Knowing=Caring. If a Nail Stylist is up to date on fashion & trends, then that shows that they care about their work, are professional & study on their own.  If they study styles, they are more likely to study techniques & develop their skills on their own.

Tip: A well education professional gets that way by independent study & practice.  You only learn so much in school.

I hope you have found this article useful.  Do you Interview your Nail Stylists?  Why or Why not?

NYC Fashion Week: Day 2

Jason Wu

Jason Wu’s theme this season was very much about Royalty, Luxury and Antique beauty.  The show was designed with chandlers and a golden framed runway.   The fashion was lace, crystal and accessorized in gold.

CND worked for weeks on the nails and came up with such a beautiful look by layering different polish colors.

A regal blood-red base (one coat of Dark Ruby and one coat of Bloodline) with a brushed Gold Chrome tip in a sleek, elongated almond shape made for the ultimate finishing touch.Jan Arnold cnd

I absolutely LOVE this look!  It is gorgeous and can be done by your Manicurist.  Such a perfect look to add a glamorous feel for your next big night out.

Grounding.  Confident.  Luxurious. Royal.

Would you wear this nail style?  Vote It!

[photos by Jennifer Graylock-Graylock.com/www.cnd.com]


Shellac by CND

If you know me, then you definitely know how much I am in love with CND’s Shellac…
and if you have tried it yourself, then I know how much you are in love with it as well.  So I felt that it was only appropriate (and entirely expected) that my first “A Pro’s View” Product Review, be… you guessed it… SHELLAC.

14 Day Wear

No Dry Time

Mirror Finish

Off in minutes (No soaking)

hypo-allergenic & 3 FREE

What makes this product so incredible, is that it goes on like a polish but acts like a gel.

This is the cleanest, safest, and most impressive nail product I have ever seen as a professional.  It doesn’t damage the natural nail.  In fact, I am seeing IMPROVEMENT in my clients naturals nails.  Keeping your nails protected is needed for strong, healthy nails.  Shellac is doing a fantastic job of protecting while adding that little bit of extra strength that we all desire for our nails.

Shellac is a professional product and costs double your regular manicure price because it lasts for twice the amount of time (10 to 14 days)  It is also a new high quality technology and is 3 times more expensive on a wholesale level.  So, don’t feel jaded when your nail stylist tells  you it will cost $30-40 for the service.

A Serious Warning: I am having many many many clients come to me for a service and needing their “shellac” replaced.  But, guess what?  It isn’t always shellac.  It’s  the old school soak off gels.  There are nail salons out there lying to their clients and telling them they are using shellac, when they are actually using a colored soak-off gel!!  Wrong!  So wrong!  So stay away from those “Cheap places” – You know the ones i”m talking about.  If you don’t see the name on a product about to be used on you, run AWAY from whatever place you are in.  If you are told that there is no difference between shellac and soak off gels, this is a lie too.  There is as huge difference. Find a credible Shellac Salon Here: http://www.cnd.com (if Utah, contact me for my availability)

Ask your Manicurist about trying CND’s Shellac during your next Manicure.  I know you’ll love it!

Have you already tried Shellac?  What was your experience?

Dying to see the colors?  Check them out here:  http://www.cnd.com


NYC Fashion Week: Day 1

NYC Fashion Week:

Day 1

Irina Shabayeva

Photo by Jennifer Graylock-Graylock.com/CND.com
Irina Shabayeva was the winner of Project Runway last season. You might remember her signature cut-outs. Her collection during NYC Fall Fashion Week was a lot about bright color and texture. Her designs look like Spain. Using blue, red, black and white.

Irina accessorized with Spanish looking hats and platform boots. Her intricate cut-outs were beautifully placed on classic looking jackets and tops. My favorite was the comfortable and sexy knitted sweaters.


Now, for the nails.. CND’s Jan Arnold explained in her blog:
“medium length, almond-shaped nails in cool white with ice-spiked shards and jet black nails with patent-leathered fringe for texture.”

Leather fringe on the nails?! I love it!