NYC Fashion Week: Day 2

Jason Wu

Jason Wu’s theme this season was very much about Royalty, Luxury and Antique beauty.  The show was designed with chandlers and a golden framed runway.   The fashion was lace, crystal and accessorized in gold.

CND worked for weeks on the nails and came up with such a beautiful look by layering different polish colors.

A regal blood-red base (one coat of Dark Ruby and one coat of Bloodline) with a brushed Gold Chrome tip in a sleek, elongated almond shape made for the ultimate finishing touch.Jan Arnold cnd

I absolutely LOVE this look!  It is gorgeous and can be done by your Manicurist.  Such a perfect look to add a glamorous feel for your next big night out.

Grounding.  Confident.  Luxurious. Royal.

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[photos by Jennifer]



Shellac by CND

If you know me, then you definitely know how much I am in love with CND’s Shellac…
and if you have tried it yourself, then I know how much you are in love with it as well.  So I felt that it was only appropriate (and entirely expected) that my first “A Pro’s View” Product Review, be… you guessed it… SHELLAC.

14 Day Wear

No Dry Time

Mirror Finish

Off in minutes (No soaking)

hypo-allergenic & 3 FREE

What makes this product so incredible, is that it goes on like a polish but acts like a gel.

This is the cleanest, safest, and most impressive nail product I have ever seen as a professional.  It doesn’t damage the natural nail.  In fact, I am seeing IMPROVEMENT in my clients naturals nails.  Keeping your nails protected is needed for strong, healthy nails.  Shellac is doing a fantastic job of protecting while adding that little bit of extra strength that we all desire for our nails.

Shellac is a professional product and costs double your regular manicure price because it lasts for twice the amount of time (10 to 14 days)  It is also a new high quality technology and is 3 times more expensive on a wholesale level.  So, don’t feel jaded when your nail stylist tells  you it will cost $30-40 for the service.

A Serious Warning: I am having many many many clients come to me for a service and needing their “shellac” replaced.  But, guess what?  It isn’t always shellac.  It’s  the old school soak off gels.  There are nail salons out there lying to their clients and telling them they are using shellac, when they are actually using a colored soak-off gel!!  Wrong!  So wrong!  So stay away from those “Cheap places” – You know the ones i”m talking about.  If you don’t see the name on a product about to be used on you, run AWAY from whatever place you are in.  If you are told that there is no difference between shellac and soak off gels, this is a lie too.  There is as huge difference. Find a credible Shellac Salon Here: (if Utah, contact me for my availability)

Ask your Manicurist about trying CND’s Shellac during your next Manicure.  I know you’ll love it!

Have you already tried Shellac?  What was your experience?

Dying to see the colors?  Check them out here:


NYC Fashion Week: Day 1

NYC Fashion Week:

Day 1

Irina Shabayeva

Photo by Jennifer
Irina Shabayeva was the winner of Project Runway last season. You might remember her signature cut-outs. Her collection during NYC Fall Fashion Week was a lot about bright color and texture. Her designs look like Spain. Using blue, red, black and white.

Irina accessorized with Spanish looking hats and platform boots. Her intricate cut-outs were beautifully placed on classic looking jackets and tops. My favorite was the comfortable and sexy knitted sweaters.


Now, for the nails.. CND’s Jan Arnold explained in her blog:
“medium length, almond-shaped nails in cool white with ice-spiked shards and jet black nails with patent-leathered fringe for texture.”

Leather fringe on the nails?! I love it!

“Wild Fire” CND Shellac – Oo La La

“Wild Fire” CND Shellac

A gorgeous red you ask? But of course!

“Wild Fire” is most definitely the hot Customer Pick this week.

Stand true to that perfect red that makes you feel so sultry and sexy for your up and coming Valentines Day.

Red, also adds a boost of confidence and power. Oo La La.

OPI “DS Classic” – Oh.. It’s sooo classic alright. Love. Love. Love.

OPI’s “DS Classic”

Nudes. Neutrals. Sheers. Beige. All the colors of the trend-bow right now.

I felt as if my Mani needed to be “in trend” this week, so I went towards a Nude color, then I saw this!!!

Nude with diamond-y sparkle… Oh sooo perfect.

Don’t rule out Nudes if you are wanting some flare this week. You may end up finding a win-win color. Especially if you are needing a color that is very grounding, reliable, and represents wealth this week.

Play and Enjoy,

Apply’ed Beautiful’s
Jenny Hansen | Modern Manicurist

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Brisa Gel Nails + An amazing client

Pink and White Gel Nails using CND’s Brisa Gel System.

Beautiful & Classic!

With Love,

Apply’ed Beautiful
Jenny Hansen

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“Fedora + Hot Chilis” by CND Shellac. Layering Colors.

I am so excited about this new color combo.

By “layering” two different Shellac colors, I am able to create some amazing and unique colors.

One coat of “Fedora” plus one coat of “Hot Chilis” = this amazing color!

Keep it in mind and ask your Nail Professional about the colors you can achieve with Layering.

With Love,

Apply’ed Beautiful
Jenny Hansen

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